Step 2: Your life to date

I’ve heard this advice from many people. If you want to understand what your true interests are, you should look into your childhood. You might be surprised by what your family tells you.

Ask them about moments/activities when you were completely losing the track of time. And then don't take it too literally. Try first to move through time and grab the key moments in your life, when you felt you were in the right place, at the right time, doing something you really enjoyed. Or think of a milestones, when you made decisions that changed your trajectory. Ask yourself if those decision were coming from you or were they influenced by others? Would you make the same decision today, given the experience and knowledge you have today?


Now looking at those moments from bigger picture, you might start seeing some pattern. What is the connecting tissue? In order to discover it, you might need to look at those experiences from several angles. The fact that you liked reading when you were a kid, doesn’t mean that you should be a writer or librarian. It might be that you like learning about different cultures, so something connected to traveling might be the tissue. Or you like putting yourself into other people shoes - would you be a good actress, mentor or market researcher? etc.

If you still can’t see any pattern, think of your personality type. And don't worry if you can't see it yet, the seed you have just planted in your mind will grow.


Now, that you walked through the past, I would encourage you to take a look into future. There are two projecting exercises that I would recommend.


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