Step 3: Your personality

The life to date exercise is helpful to repeat as and when you discover something new about yourself. It helps you to gain understanding whether it’s a pattern that is true to your core DNA or something that you adapted to. But do you know your core? Are you able to easily articulate what kind of person you are? How you changed over time, what changed you, what influenced you? 



There are several personality tests that could help you identify your core DNA. Some are more accurate than others, but at the end of the day, it’s what you take out of them that is important. They help you to stop and reflect, ask the right questions and that could lead you to interesting discoveries. With that in mind, it doesn’t really matter what test you take.


I’ve done Insights Discovery, 360Reach and quite recently Myers Briggs. You can find a free test version of the last one here


My best advice: make sure you are ready to listen, reflect on the results and get back to it as you move on your journey. I've realized that although some of the answers were there in the test results, I still needed to go through a longer journey to really hear it. I simply had to get to some conclusions myself rather than letting a test define it for me. But hey, your personality type might be different to mine and you could find yourself in different situation having done the test.


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