Step 1: After holiday or turning 30 feel

Have you ever felt out of place when coming back from a longer holiday? Asking yourself a question if there is something more you could be doing. Perhaps it's a common feeling that you just need to let fade aways, but is it really?


It was this one trip to India where I travelled with my best friend from the university. We have not seen each other for years, but it's this kind of friendships where time doesn't really matter. She has recently got a diploma in coaching and we did end up having long conversation about that field. She told me more about psychology of development and that each of us is going through the phases of crisis that mark our learning and progress. It reminded me of the Saturn return theory that a colleague of mine once told me about. It says that when you turn 30, Saturn returns to the place it was when you were born. So you do a kind of cross check if you are on the right path.


Going back to my best friend and holiday in India. It was her who reminded me about things I used to enjoy in the past and that were critical to me at that point in life. She connected me back with my core DNA and pointed me to some interesting personality tests. She also helped me with the after holiday feeling. It was the first time after this holiday when I came back and I didn't feel out of place. I was determined to understand better myself, so that I'm able to overcome that emotion. And I started reading.


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