22. Becoming a professor

by Yann Mermin

My Passion:

I’m going to sound a bit cheesy, but life and the thousand of opportunities at hands passionate me. I’ve always struggled to make choices fearing that it would prevent me from exploring all the rest.

Only recently I decided to follow a calling within me: becoming a professor, teaching kids and help them realize their ambition and be no less than the great person they want to be.


Discovery Journey

I think my « passion » or I actually prefer to describe it as my « true call » (closer to the actual feeling) has its roots in my childhood. This is when my path crossed a great educator, but somehow I considered the world (and its million opportunities) was too big for such a tiny ambition and I decided to study, see the world, realize myself socially … And yet, that was just not enough.


Turning 30 (dramatic :)) I understood that what I wanted to achieve back then as a child was not small or insignificant. It was me and it was noble and great, just as it should be. I decided to turn the page of my life book, closing 10 years of great fun, working in marketing and start a blank page preparing myself to become an « enlightened » school teacher.


This is it

How did I know this was my passion? I could go on discussing this light, this strength that animates me. To cut the story short for the sake of the interview I would say it is about knowing yourself, understanding what truly matters, live up to your ambitions and moral. In essence it is about being exactly the great person you want to be, with no compromise.


I took a leap of faith leaving behind my whole life for this « true call » I feel in my very bone and so far it has just grew stronger. I also know that life is not one decision and that you can’t decide everything. But one thing I’m confident about is that happiness and self-accomplishment are choices for me to be made and I came to know that life, again, is full of great opportunities for who can see them and dare to take them. I also know I’m blessed just with the fact to be able to make those choices, and this blessing is my responsibility to accomplish something great.


Try it

We’re all so different. Yet again everyone deserves to succeed whatever routes one has chosen.

I would say you should start with understanding what matters the most to you. Try to project and list the things that make you happy, and imagine the world you would like to live in. What would you like to be recognized for? What's the mark you’d like to leave after your time is up?

Then, it is important to progress step by step, accomplishment takes time, doubts even failures … Don’t let anyone patronize you. Good people have (sometimes) great advice to share but in the end the decision is YOURS to make, so (as a note to myself pinned in my room says): BE FAB !


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