by Christina Saenz de Santamaria

My Passion:

One of my greatest passions is the ocean and freediving. Freediving enables you to enjoy the ocean in a very intimate way with marine life who will approach you very closely and with great curiosity. Freediving for depth is a different and personal challenge altogether, however these days my focus would be on enjoying the ocean with animals, particularly sharks.

I wanted to share with you my observation after reading the first 10 stories of passionate people.


First of all, as Selim concluded: finding your passion is like finding love. For some it comes at first sight. And although this might be the way we all imagine passion discovery, it's actually not that common. Most of us are gradually drawn into it, like falling in love. It might not always seem like the one at the beginning, but with time you grow that confidence. One is for sure: most often it finds you when you stop looking.

by Amy Paulson

My Passion:

I’m passionate about empowering dignity, healing, and self­sustainability for orphaned children, for women and girls who are survivors of gender based violence, and for boys and young men who are at risk of becoming perpetrators of violence.

by Senem Tongar

My Passion:

Travelling is my passion because for me seeing the world with your own eyes and from a different perspective is priceless.

by Marco Natali

My Passion: hairdressing and barbering. I simply love my job and my shop. The most rewarding moment is to see my customers happy. For some of them a new look means a new beginning. One client of mine till today claims that I transformed his life. And this is truly wonderful: empowering people, there is nothing else that could make me happier.

by Matthis Latscha

My Passion

My passion is graffiti. Some say it's lifestyle, a form of art, for others it's sport. Classic graffiti is one of the 4 elements of HipHop: Mc'ing, Dj'ing, Breakdance, Graffiti. It's all about letters, spray paint and your name-tag all over the city, country, world – an illegal art form.

by Selim Cevik 

My Passion

My passion is to help people improve their quality of life through sports.

by Sarah Krasker 

My Passion

I’m passionate about horses – all aspects of horses, from just being near them, watching them and interacting with them, to riding them and more recently, using them in my work. I am a training consultant, and I have started incorporating equine-assisted learning into my own training courses, allowing me to bring my passion into my daily work, and hopefully share it with others by bringing them into contact with these incredible animals.

by Dariusz Urbanik 

My Passion

My passion, currently actually the way of living, is Frisbee, to be more precise ultimate. It is a team game where a flying disc called Frisbee is used. Ultimate is extremely demanding game, it is about speed, flexibility, durability and technique. It's still a niche sport in Poland and that excites me even more. Together with my team we blaze the trail for ultimate, we discover it for other people, teach kids, organize shows, competitions, we represent our town and country abroad. It is an amazing satisfaction to play with the eagle (Polish coat of arms) on the chest :)

by Christian Kobusch 

My Passion

Composing and playing electronic music. I find it fascinating how synthesizers have many ways to generate and manipulate amazing sounds - in theory any possible sound! Of course you need to have a certain interest and passion for electronic music as a base, otherwise you would not develop a passion for synthesizers either.

by Nicole Pisani

My Passion: I am passionate about food and I am passionate about contributing to change, however great or small. I do think as soon as you start getting promoted as a chef the less you cook which is a shame because that is where the love is therefore sometimes I feel I am missing the point and need to go back to basics.

by Agnieszka Muszynska 

My Passion

I really enjoy crocheting, more precisely: crocheting doll clothes. It involves designing the piece of cloth; crocheting itself, which takes time but is so relaxing and finally styling the doll for a small photo session. It's a little bit like fashion designing. There are many ready-made patterns available on Internet, but the true fun begins when you use your imagination and come up with your own style.

6 steps of passion discovery

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