26. Silk screen print

by Kasia Dulińska-Bochonko

My Passion

is graphic design and silk screen. I like to create things... on paper mostly.

I studied fine arts and graphic design and one of our workshops was about silk screen. After studies me and my friend decided we want to work as graphic designers, but we found it kind of boring just to sit in front of a computer all the time, so we wanted to do something else.  




Discovery Journey

It feels like it came naturally to me. I always wanted to do something artistic. When I was in high-school, I performed in a theater with my class mates. I discovered that for me it was more interesting to do the costumes and everything else. The acting wasn't fascinating for me, but everything that goes around it. And then I though it's ok, I'm not going to be an actor – I'm a lousy actor actually – so I'll try to do some arts. First it was fine arts: I was painting, drawing and then I slowly turned to graphic design. So yeah, it's a process, but I can't point exactly the moment when I decided. It all was kind of fluid.




Try it

If you feel the need to do something, just try different things and don't put limits on yourself. Even if you are thinking, I can't do sports, or I can't draw or sign, just try it, no harm in that. What's the worst that can happen? As I said, I was very determined in high-school to become an actor and the fact is that I really cannot do that. It turned out, it's really not my passion. Also, surround yourself with people who do creative things, like the place we are in here right now (wytworniakrakow.pl) and try to borrow their brain. Maybe they are going to come up with something or help you in a way and give you some idea.


Take a look at the interview here: here


Find out more about Kasia's passion and take a look at her latest projects on www.madustudio.pl. To find out more about 'wytwornia' in Krakow, click here. Page in Polish.

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