25. Furniture with a soul

by Mery Bednarz

My Passion

for furniture restoration was born from the idea that I've never liked modern things. I believe that old things have a soul and were made and designed more thoughtfully.

If I had a chance I would have discarded everything that's modern. Let's face it, the old things are simply much better. I have a 35 years old Russian coffee express, that I bought for nothing on a market and it makes a fantastic coffee. I bet it will last for at least another 30 years.  


Discovery Journey

I remember I loved watching old furniture from 60-ties, 70-ties when I was a teenager. Then during my art collage the idea of restoration came to my mind. I started looking for a course, since I knew that it's highly unlikely I would get a job without any education or experience. Most of the workshops would hire a carpenter and then train him/her to do the restoration. But I was not a carpenter, neither a sculptor.



I finished a two months restoration course, but that wasn't enough either, so I started looking for a place where I could practice. This is when I came across 'Wytwornia'. It's a great place to pick up you passion and practice it. Then, totally by coincidence, I took part in a competition organised by Krakow Business Starter and I was lucky enough to get my own company opened for free. Well, I couldn't say not to that.


This is it

This is a good story actually. I went for an interview to a corporation and I disliked it so much, that I was running away from it as far as I could :). I remember I had violet hair at that time, I tied them nicely, I took out my nose ring and even put some decent clothes on. When I got to see the environment, people and their behaviour, I just knew this is totally not for me. I would rather sleep under a bridge then work for a corporation.




But more seriously, when I was a kid – my father said it runs in family – I made toys, painted, crocheted, embroidered. I liked making things with hands. Given my interest in old furniture, the restoration came naturally to me. Perhaps, I would try new things in the future, but at this point in my life I want to focus on restoration. Until my health allows me and I'm not collapsing, I will stick to furniture, because that makes me happy. Yes, sometimes I feel like taking an ax and chopping something, but when I kill that urge and go through all painful stages of restoration, seeing the end result, gives me the best feeling there is.


Try it

There are plenty of coursed available to choose from. But I would encourage people to simply take some simple old furniture, buy a cheap grinder and try it. Check youtube videos to help you with first steps and then just practice. The most you can learn from your own mistakes. And if you had a chance to pick up a course, go for it. There is so much to learn, but you need patience, determination and you need to like what you are doing.


Take a look at the interview here: here


Find out more about Mery and 'wytwornia' here. Page in Polish.

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