14. Evoking emotions

by Jiri Pomichalek

My Passion:

Music has always possessed the power to bring out different feelings in me: happiness, fear, joy, calm, even sadness. It's the ability to evoke emotions that makes music probably the most powerful way to express feelings. It fascinated me to the point that I didn’t want just to listen to music, I wanted to embrace it, study it, I needed to compose it.

My passion is music composition. Today we seem to take music for granted, we deal with it at every step, it’s simply everywhere. We listen to music while doing other activities and often we don’t even notice its presence. And then, there are those moments when we simply fully indulge in some tunes.


Discovery Journey

When I was young my mother forced me to play the clarinet and I hated it. Things changed when I started studying at high school. At that time, I discovered the beauty of jazz and funk and got really into it. I even formed a small funk band with my friends. It was fun and I quickly realized that there is a small step from playing to composing music. I’ve always loved being creative and music simply got under my skin.




This is it

Unlike my early musical days where I had been pursuing many activities out of obligation, my hobby collection during my high school studies grew organically to the point where I simply had to choose and keep focused. I chose music because I simply couldn’t stop doing it. I literally spent every free minute composing or playing music or at least thinking about a new song. Inspiration seemed to be everywhere.


Try it

It depends on what you really want. Do you want to be a DJ, a producer, a musician, or a composer? In fact, modern technology allows you to be all in one. You only need your laptop and some music software to be able to compose, produce and perform your own songs. For composing I’d recommend Sibelius, one of the most popular notation software. If you want to play with a variety of instruments and samples, for example to produce modern music, you could try Logic studio (Mac OS only), Reason or Pro Tools. For live performance I’d recommend Traktor DJ or Ableton live.


Find out more about Jiri's passion on: www.pomichalek.com


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