13. Painting is where I live

by Radka Zimova King

My Passion:

I paint, draw and do photography. When I paint I feel whole. Creative work has a beautiful sense of wonder in itself. You stop and look at things and people around you and capture them in a new way that is compelling to you. It is an amazing feeling. It makes me feel alive.

I would use the writer Toni Morisson's description only change writing to painting:

"The painting is the place where I live; it's where I have control; it's where nobody tells me what to do; it's where my imagination is fecund and I am really at my best. Nothing matters more in the world or in my body or anywhere when I'm painting."




Perhaps I would not call it a passion. I would say it is something that I need to be doing to feel whole. If I am not doing it I feel there is something substantial missing in my life. In general I am not in favor of the concept of ‘discovering’ our passions or even purpose in life. It implies that it is somewhere waiting for us and all that needs to be done is find it. I don’t believe there is something waiting for us. We need to go and start doing things, start creating - our relationships, our art, our culture, our purpose in live. We become what we do.


Discovery Journey

Painting and drawing is something I always did a lot as a child - like many of us! :) My parents encouraged me to apply to secondary Graphic Art School when I was 13 but I was not accepted. In the Czech Republic we have already specialized secondary education. In my early twenties I did a year oil painting course, met great people there, learned basics of oil painting technique, and painted for a while. It felt great. My tutor encouraged me to continue studying fine art at the Academy of Fine Arts but my life circumstances did not allow to dedicate myself to a full time study. So I put painting aside and did other things.




The need to visually express myself kept coming back to me though. Few years back from now I was very happy and had everything - great family, beautiful new baby, good job, lovely friends, but still I kept feeling something important was missing. I could not ignore it any more. Realizing that it was painting and having saved some money over time I was able to quit my job in IT and dedicate my time to visual arts. That’s what I am doing now and I will see where it takes me. It is an adventure.


This is it

When I paint everything seems to be right. I feel complete. When I am getting up in the morning I feel excited about my work day. That tells me that I am doing something right.


Try it

If you want to draw you can start anywhere, in a cafe, theatre, on a street, at home with a very simple equipment - a pencil or a pen and a paper. There are many ways how to draw and paint - enrolling into an art course might be one way but I think it is not necessary. Great is to be taking your sketchbook everywhere you go and keep filling it. Different people prefer different things and everybody has to try what works for them.




For a special mind set I would recommend - don’t be a perfectionist. Experiment, do silly drawings or paintings, loosen up, try anything fun for a start. See where that takes you. Also share what you do. Connect with other people who are doing the same thing. See what they do. Learn from them. Internet is a great platform for that.


 Great advice how to start drawing: :) unbored.net/gary-panters-drawing-tips


Find out more about Radka on: radkaking.wordpress.com


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