11. One breath diving

by Christina Saenz de Santamaria

My Passion:

One of my greatest passions is the ocean and freediving. Freediving enables you to enjoy the ocean in a very intimate way with marine life who will approach you very closely and with great curiosity. Freediving for depth is a different and personal challenge altogether, however these days my focus would be on enjoying the ocean with animals, particularly sharks.

Discovery Journey

For myself, I discovered freediving over 10 years ago on the island of Koh Tao, where we are now based permanently. I found the school 'Apnea Total' that is co-owned by my now husband, Eusebio. I fell in love with freediving instantly, although it took some time to overcome natural fears about holding your breath underwater, however with the aid of good instructors I quickly improved and discovered what a personal, challenging and captivating sport it is.


freediving Maledives 


This is it

Freediving is addictive for me. To be able to experience the ocean on one breath and to be able to travel the world experiencing all different underwater realms and animals is unbeatable. It is sometimes a surreal experience that can be compared to no other on land. It is also something that I am able to share with my husband which has been incredibly rewarding as well.


Try it

To begin to freedive the first step is to learn from a reputable and experienced school or instructor. Freediving education is essential to enjoy the water with safety and fun. Established schools will provide the basic equipment necessary such as a mask, snorkel, wetsuit, weight belt and fins. The equipment is minimal but the knowledge and experience with a good instructor is essential so that you can continue to practice the sport with freediving buddies around the world. Most freediving is taught and practiced in warm and calm waters and it is normally safest to freedive from a dive boat although it is also possible to freedive from the shoreline in some areas of the world.


freediving Ibiza 


Find out more about Christina's passion on: www.oneoceanonebreath.com and if you want to try freediving in the school in Koh Tao (that I personally highly recommend) check it here www.apneatotal.com


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