My thoughts on first 10 stories

I wanted to share with you my observation after reading the first 10 stories of passionate people.


First of all, as Selim concluded: finding your passion is like finding love. For some it comes at first sight. And although this might be the way we all imagine passion discovery, it's actually not that common. Most of us are gradually drawn into it, like falling in love. It might not always seem like the one at the beginning, but with time you grow that confidence. One is for sure: most often it finds you when you stop looking.


Secondly, following your passion often means taking the side path. Your passion is unique. If you want it to be your job, most likely the career path you should follow has not been invented yet. As with Sarah, her passion for horses didn't lead her to be a professional rider, as she didn't want to dedicate entire days to training. It just wasn't right for her. Or Nicole, following the career path for a chef meant she wasn't cooking as much and this was what she loved. So she quit the work in a celebrated London restaurant to cook for 500 children at primary school. You should stay true to yourself.


Lastly, passionate people are humble. They feel so fulfilled with what they do, that they don't need to be competitive or be boastful about it. Don't get me wrong, they do want to get better at it, but their motivation is different. The biggest reward for them is the feeling of satisfaction their passion brings.


Ultimately, the way to understand whether you are passionate about something is to look for that feeling. Same as with love, you won't know unless you go for it and try new things.


I'm curious to hear what you guys thought after reading the interviews. Please share your thoughts below.


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