9. Travelling

by Senem Tongar

My Passion:

Travelling is my passion because for me seeing the world with your own eyes and from a different perspective is priceless.

Discovery Journey

I have been travelling since I was born. My parents love travelling and were travelling with me since I was a few months old. The same traveller's blood flows in my veins.


Eureka Moment

About two years ago I watched "What would you like to do if the money was no object? How would you really enjoy spending your life?". For a long time I thought about these questions. It took time to find the answers, but finally I said to myself: I want to spend my life travelling, discovering and keep constantly learning. Then last summer I said goodbye to my 10 years banking career. My sister also resigned from her banking job.:-) And me and my sister wanted to make one of our dreams come true: to hitchhike a sailing boat and cross the Atlantic Ocean. So we went to Gran Canaria, found a sailing boat and crossed the Atlantic Ocean in 21 days. In the following 4 months after we arrived at Antigua, we had traveled in the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay. Now I am living my dream. I am a travel writer. I travel, discover, experience the world and share my experiences with people.


Try it

They should keep dreaming and have courage to face their fears. I suggest them to write down their dreams and keep them alive all the time.


Find out more about Senem's passion on her pages: www.totrvl.com and www.senemtongar.com


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