8. Passion at first sight

by Marco Natali

My Passion: hairdressing and barbering. I simply love my job and my shop. The most rewarding moment is to see my customers happy. For some of them a new look means a new beginning. One client of mine till today claims that I transformed his life. And this is truly wonderful: empowering people, there is nothing else that could make me happier.


Discovery Journey

It's not that I was looking for a passion. Once, I went to my friend's hairdresser's shop, worked there for two days and I absolutely loved it. She told me to give it a try and encouraged me to get qualified.


Eureka Moment

And then I just knew it from the very first moment I tried. It was a really strong feeling and I was hooked. I knew I want to do it my entire life.


Try it

You would need to enjoy contact with people, love what you do and your hands will follow. And it takes a good person who feels privileged to do this job.


Check Marco's shop in Zurich and his work on FB here.  


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