5. The Horse Whisperer

by Sarah Krasker 

My Passion

I’m passionate about horses – all aspects of horses, from just being near them, watching them and interacting with them, to riding them and more recently, using them in my work. I am a training consultant, and I have started incorporating equine-assisted learning into my own training courses, allowing me to bring my passion into my daily work, and hopefully share it with others by bringing them into contact with these incredible animals.

Why am I passionate about horses? I began riding when I was tiny, and even at that early age it provided a sense of connection with the animal and physical freedom from the constraints of my own body which was – and still is – intoxicating. The sensation of galloping and jumping allow you to almost experience what it would be like to have that power and potential for speed in your own body – it never fails to put a smile on my face!


So riding horses is exhilarating and exciting – but in order to be able to give yourself over to the pleasure of an adrenaline-fuelled gallop, you need to trust the horse completely and know that it trusts you. So the other part of the passion is the bond that develops with a horse you know well. In the relationship with a horse, there are no hidden agendas – it’s a very restful contrast to the typical emotional roller coaster of human relationships!


Discovery Journey

I have early memories of riding donkeys on the beach during family holidays when I was 2 or 3 years old. I used to wait for the donkeys every day, and there was no rest for my parents until they let me have my daily fix! When I was 4 I started riding lessons, and that was it – the passion for ponies was there to stay.


Eureka Moment

I was lucky enough to find my passion before I was old enough to be rational about it. However, there was a period in my life when circumstances meant that I had less access to horses. I didn’t consciously miss horses and riding as I had other priorities at that time – but when I got back into riding it was as if a small but significant hole in my life had been re-filled.


How do I know this is my passion? Maybe the best way to describe it is that I behave like a child again when it comes to horses. If there’s ever an opportunity to look at or better still stroke a horse, I’ll take it…. if I’m stressed or upset about anything just thinking about my horses is enough to change my mood…. the first thing I do when I’ve been away overnight is go and see my horses….


It’s an indescribable feeling but it’s unequivocally a passion!


Being able to incorporate this into my daily work by running workshops with my horses means that my work truly is becoming my passion – it’s a great position to be in!


Try it

First, learn about horses. They have an incredible historical relationship with humans – look it up, and learn about all the ways in which horses have supported and enhanced human endeavour through the ages. I defy you not to be impressed by these incredible, beautiful, noble animals.


And then get to know a horse! All you need is access. You don’t need to learn to ride, you just need to go to where horses are. Meet a horse, feel its warm breath on your hand, stroke its silky-smooth neck….. once you do that, you won’t be able to resist being drawn in.


Just make sure you have time and money to spare, because your new-found passion will take all you have of both – but the rewards you’ll get back from the horse are immeasurable.


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