6. Sport is the answer

by Selim Cevik 

My Passion

My passion is to help people improve their quality of life through sports.

Discovery Journey

It discovered me, when I was sitting at home, bored to death in Switzerland. When I thought that things can't continue the way they do, I decided to take action and went on the internet. Soon, I found that they were looking for volunteers to help to organize the Ironman Switzerland event. As impressed I was of the athletes, I decided to take on this challenge the following year. This has been a step into a new life.


Eureka Moment

It has been a gradual process of loving it and wanting it more in my life. Soon I discovered how well and satisfied it made me feel. I managed to set higher and higher goals. Additionally, I managed to expand my scope and try to get to know the sport from different angels. I got to know people who do this for living, who coach people as a profession. I started becoming more and more active in my company to get colleagues fit and healthy. Eventually I visited some coaching courses, then started coaching at camps as a support coach... It has been a step by step process.


You need to know that is not always fun. Regardless of how much you love it, there will be times when you doubt yourself and your "passion". These times you need to go through to come out even stronger. You need to focus on your goal and understand that if it was easy everyone would do it!


Try it

You need to learn to get out of you comfort zone, which does not need to be a major step. Just getting up of the sofa, getting out of the pub, meeting one time less you friends, to go into a different direction than you always have gone to.  Then you need to have goals that are meaningful to you. The higher the goals the better. Set small goals as a middle step but always keep your vision in front of your eyes. The vision might change over time, that is not important, the important thing is that you don't set yourself too little goals that you might achieve in a short time and then think, so what! is that all?. You should know that whatever you dream and work for, you will achieve. So dream big. Also, set a goal where you have an impact on more people than just yourself, so you feel yourself responsible towards them too. Talk to people tell them about your dreams. You will eventually find people who will help you realize your dreams.


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