3. Amazing sounds

by Christian Kobusch 

My Passion

Composing and playing electronic music. I find it fascinating how synthesizers have many ways to generate and manipulate amazing sounds - in theory any possible sound! Of course you need to have a certain interest and passion for electronic music as a base, otherwise you would not develop a passion for synthesizers either.


Discovery Journey

This really started in my childhood when I would hear early 80s electronic music from my older brothers room. It was music from bands like Heaven 17, Tears for Fears, Depeche Mode, Human League or ABC that caught my attention back then. In my teenager years I started buying keyboards and other equipment, at first in order to play the songs that I liked, but soon also to come up with my own song ideas.


Eureka moment

I know this is a passion, because I kept doing it, until today. It’s not something you do for a while, but you will always come back to it, even after long pauses. And it makes you feel good and gives you a sense of accomplishment.


Try it

Depending on what kind of electronic music it is that the person is passionate about, the first step is to get a sound source of some sort. Nowadays a lot happens in the computer, which has a few advantages to traditional hardware equipment, as it is cheaper and more convenient to setup and arrange and to save your work at any time. In general a perfect start is a sequencing software (aka DAW=Digital Audio Workstation) and a few synthesiser plug-ins to play around with. With that one can start composing songs on a semi-professional level. The most popular DAWs are Steinberg Cubase, Logic Audio, Pro Tools and Ableton Live.


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