2. Chef's butterfly effect

by Nicole Pisani

My Passion: I am passionate about food and I am passionate about contributing to change, however great or small. I do think as soon as you start getting promoted as a chef the less you cook which is a shame because that is where the love is therefore sometimes I feel I am missing the point and need to go back to basics.


Discovery Journey: My earliest memories are in my father’s restaurant. They say most of us try to be the exact opposite to our parents, others surrender trying and give in to our destiny. My passion was then really ignited when I went travelling to Thailand and then Australia. I ended up staying and working in Australia for a year because the food was so incredible, using incredible local produce with fresh fusion flavours. I was hooked.


Eureka moment (How did you know this is it?): I don’t for sure but for the last 15 years the centre of my life has been food and feeding people. I was talking to an architect about how to improve food spaces in schools and realised they see the whole world from the perspective of space, design and function, while I see the whole world from the perspective of food. My favourite book is written by a Zen master, called Instructions to the Cook by Bernie Glassman, who founded the Greyston Bakery in New York. He talks of how the cook makes the best meal possible with what they have in their hands, just as we do in life.


Give it a try: With becoming a chef, you either need to go to catering college, which I did, or start from the ground up in a kitchen. College does give you a good grounding of techniques, while doing a stage (internship) in a restaurant that serves the food you like will give you invaluable work experience. Spend some time doing the long hours but feeling the buzz and taking it form there.


Want to find out more about Nicole's passion, visit: foodforhappiness.co.uk and Twitter/Instagram @saltbutterbones


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